Megaswing DUO

Freight wagon with 6 axles and swingable pocket

Megaswing™ DUO is the new freight wagon that realises a major breakthrough in the long talked about and sought after modal shift from road to rail. Given the environmental benefits, virtually everyone now supports the idea of shifting long-distance road transport to rail. However, rail solutions must also be commercially competitive. Megaswing brings this competitiveness.

Megaswing can carry any semitrailer and not just the small percentage that can be lifted onto traditional pocket wagons. This represents a massive expansion in the rail transport market (i.e. 100% of the trailers on European roads – not just the present 5%). Furthermore, existing terminals can increase their volumes and market shares by offering an intermodal solution for all semitrailers. Megaswing uses terminals more efficiently and increases profitability. An entire train can be loaded in 30 minutes and a single wagon in less than 3. As terminal tractors can rapidly transfer loads to the open wagon (e.g. from a ferry or another train), intermediate storage is unnecessary. Similarly, there is no need to use shunters – loading and unloading can be carried out under overhead contact lines. This eliminates costly train movements to/from terminals and shortens turnaround times. 

Megaswing means that loading and unloading can now take place wherever there is a suitable track and trackside area for truck/trailer handling. Your very own terminal can be easily set up where it best fits your needs (temporary or permanent). Inconvenient and/or congested container terminals can be avoided.

Advantages in brief:

  • Load and unload at own trackside warehouse rather than at a container terminal.
  • Carry all semitrailer types (not just 3%).
  • Have goods on tracks instead of in terminal queues.
  • Load a whole train in 30 minutes (ideal conditions) instead of 3 hours.


Technical Data

  • Tare weight 43 tonnes
  • Load limit 92 tonnes
  • Max. speed 120 km/h
  • Lenght over buffers 34,230 mm
  • Lenght between bogies 14,200 mm
  • Load bed, height above rail surface 1,155 mm
  • Pocket area, height above rail surface 270 mm
  • Pocket width for semitrailer 2,714 mm
  • Kingpin support heights 880 mm, 980 mm, 1,130 mm
  • Buffers, height above rail surface 1,025 mm
  • Loading gauge G1