High-speed freight wagon for containers

The Lgss-y055 is a two-axle flat wagon designed for speeds of up to 160 km/h. It has a 20-tonne axle load and is the result of a collaboration between Kockums Industrier, Green Cargo and Posten. The aim was to further develop the rail transport of postal cargoes. Satisfying RIV and UIC requirements, the wagon is ideal for transporting 7.82-metre swap bodies. It can also carry standard containers. To meet the demands of high-speed transport, the wagon has well-damped suspension and a disc brake system. The wagon’s low loading height means that the inner floor of the swap body lines easily up with the loading platform.

Making it easy for you to simplify and streamline your logistics, our HSC design is an intermodal wagon for transporting swap bodies and containers. Swap bodies can be up to 7.82 m long and carried at speeds of up to 160 km/h. Besides the low loading height ensuring easy alignment with loading platforms, the wagon’s automatic, lockable, container fastening system also increases loading and unloading efficiency at terminals.


Technical Data

  • Tare weight 13 tonnes
  • Load limit 27 tonnes
  • Max. permitted speed 160 km/h
  • Length over buffers 17,120 mm
  • Load bed length 15,880 mm
  • Wheelbase 10,000 mm
  • Load bed height 1,088 mm (loading plane for bottom of swap body)
  • Wheel diameter 920 mm
  • Track gauge 1,435 mm
  • Load combinations 2 × 7,150 mm; 2 × 7,450 mm; 2 × 7,820 mm; 2 × 20'; 1 × 40'; 1 × 45'