Intermodal freight wagon for swap bodies

Making it easy for you to simplify and streamline your logistics, our RoRo Rail model is an intermodal wagon for transporting swap bodies and containers. Because it does not require a terminal or lifting equipment, getting closer to your end customers has never been more straightforward.

Thanks to its ingenious design, our RoRo Rail model can be loaded or unloaded by the swap body truck driver in a maximum of 10 minutes. The low loading height is exactly right for trucks and each wagon can carry two swap bodies. These can be loaded and unloaded using any standard truck whatsoever.

Technical Data

  • Tare weight 23.5 tonnes
  • Max. axle load 22.5 tonnes
  • Load limits 66.5 tonnes; turntable, 2×16 tonnes
  • Max. permitted speed 100 km/h
  • Overall length 17,620 mm
  • Load length 16,380 mm
  • Bogie centre-to-centre distance 12,180 mm
  • Load bed height 1,206 mm (loading plane for bottom of swap body)
  • Wheel diameter 920 mm
  • Track gauge 1,435 mm
  • Bogie Y25-TTV
  • Swap body lengths 7,150 mm, 7,450 mm or 7,820 mm
  • Max. swap body weight 16 tonnes