Turntable freight wagon

Making it easy for you to simplify and streamline your logistics, our Turntable model is an intermodal wagon for swap bodies. Satisfying RIV, UIC and CEN requirements, the wagon has a 25-tonne axle load and is designed for transporting 6-metre containers with a RoRo frame as per SS 3021. Because it does not require a terminal or lifting equipment, getting closer to your end customers has never been more straightforward.

Thanks to its ingenious design, our Turntable model can be loaded or unloaded by the swap body truck driver in no time at all. The low loading height is exactly right for trucks and each wagon can carry three swap bodies. These can be loaded and unloaded using any standard truck whatsoever. The wagon’s chassis is dimensioned for a 25-tonne axle load and each turntable can take a container with a maximum weight of 22 tonnes. Based on tread brakes with automatic load compensation, the braking arrangement is dimensioned for a 72-tonne brake mass.


Technical Data

  • Tare weight 27 tonnes
  • Load limits (at axle load) 63 tonnes (at 22.5 tonnes) - 73 tonnes (at 25 tonnes) - Turntable, 3 × 22 tonnes
  • Axle load / max. permitted speed 22.5 tonnes / 120 km/h - 25 tonnes / 100 km/h
  • Length over buffers 21,275 mm
  • Turntable 3 × 6,180 mm
  • Bogie centre-to-centre distance 15,435 mm
  • Buffer height 1,020 mm
  • Load bed height (top of the chassis) 1,135 mm - (loading plane for the roller bed’s rollers) 1,230 mm - (top of the turntable beam) 1,350 mm
  • Wheel diameter 920 mm
  • Track gauge 1,435 mm
  • Min. curve radius 75 m
  • Bogie Y25-TTV