Multipurpose freight wagon

Tailored in consultation with Autolink Group, the design is based on a concept that takes a clever idea one step further. The result is an entirely new double-coupled freight wagon for environment-friendly car transport by rail. The design of the multipurpose wagon makes it possible to combine car transport with traditional pallet-based goods handling. 

For the outward journey, the freight wagon is loaded with cars. On the return, it carries general cargo. Improved transport economy and less negative environmental impact are the major benefits. Each multipurpose wagon holds 12 cars on two levels. When the cars have been unloaded, the patented aluminium hood is moved aside and the upper level is lowered. 

The freight wagon can then be loaded in the traditional way with general cargo, part cargoes and full loads. Pushed back into place, the aluminium hood protects against the weather and damage. Thus, the multipurpose freight wagon not only facilitates loading and unloading, it also reduces the risk of transport damage.

Technical Data

  • Tare weight 38 tonnes
  • Payload 52 tonnes
  • Design speed 120 km/h
  • Lenght of buffers 31,000 mm
  • Loading lenght 29,650 mm
  • Loading volume 245 m3
  • Loading area 82 m2
  • Loading width 2,750 mm
  • Load capacity Cars, 12 - EUR pallets, 72
  • Max. floor pressure 5 tonnes/90 x 300 mm2
  • Power supply 400 V, 50 Hz, 63 A
  • Min. curve, coupled 80 m
  • Gauge RIV 32/UIC 505-1