Ore freight wagon for axle loads of 31 tonnes

A short-coupled wagon that transports ore from the mines in Kiruna and Malmberget to the ports in Luleå and Narvik. It was developed in collaboration with LKAB, a Swedish mining company. Some 10 metres long and designed for axle loads of 31 tonnes, each wagon can hold more than 100 tonnes of iron ore. This is a considerable improvement on the previous generation’s load of 80 tonnes. 

In combination with the upgrading of Sweden’s “ore line” to take 30-tonne axle loads and more powerful locomotives, our Fammoorr050 has helped increase transport capacity by 60%. Ore transport has become more efficient and delivery dependability to the ports has increased. These are crucial advantages in the international iron ore market – precise delivery is critical.

Besides bringing greater efficiency and dependability to ore transport, the Fammoorr050 also brings considerable environmental and financial benefits.


Technical Data

  • Length between centre line of couplers 10,300 mm
  • Bogie centre-to-centre distance 6,744 mm
  • Total height 3,640 mm
  • Max. width 3,490 mm
  • Tare weight 21.6 tonnes
  • Load capacity (net load) 102 tonnes
  • Wagon volume 50 m3
  • Max. axle load 31 tonnes
  • Max. speed (empty) 70 km/h
  • Max. speed (loaded) 60 km/h
  • Speed at loading and unloading 0.25 m/s to 0.6 m/s
  • Bogie type AMSTED Motion Control “three piece”
  • Wheelbase 1,778 mm
  • Gauge 1,435 mm
  • Wheel bearings Compact TBU, class K, SKF
  • Wheel diameter (max.) 915 mm
  • Wheel diameter (min.) 857 mm
  • Wheel set weight 1.341 kg
  • Bogie weight (incl. wheels and mechanical brake equipment) 4.650 kg
  • Min. curve radius 90 m
  • Brake system
  • Hanging, UIC type
  • Brake cylinders 2 x BGS 10
  • Relay valve DU 111-B
  • Distributor valve Knorr KE 1d-g-SL
  • Empty/load valve LW-1
  • Slack adjuster SAB Wabco DRV2A10-350
  • Parking brake Hand-operated screw brake
  • Couplers Central coupler, type SA-3
  • Drawbar AAR type
  • Yoke AAR Y 45AE
  • Draw gear Miner Crown SE
  • Coupler height (nominal) 1,040 mm