State-of-the-art attitude
for state-of-the-art freight wagons

Working closely with the customer, our highly experienced and creative technicians identify true needs and present new solutions. Via a seamless in-house process, these ideas are developed all the way to production of the wagon and beyond.

We are a self-contained organisation that can draw on vastly skilled workers in all departments and functions. Our workers and operations are supported by the latest technology. Examples include IGM welding robots with a capacity of up to 30 tonnes, 3-axis welding robots and Herber pipe bending equipment.

Our attitude is that only the best is good enough. The effect on solution design, production optimisation, product quality and delivery reliability is clear. That is why we are second to none in our industry. Indeed, everything about us is state-of-the-art.

Quality certification

Quality assurance is of paramount importance. By setting ourselves high goals, we build customer confidence in our reliability and in our willingness to be a long-term partner. We put every effort into working with our customers and achieving continuous improvements in quality. Expert and enthusiastic personnel, along with a well-equipped workshop, ensures success. The ability of our workshop to provide the very best solutions for the customer is the key factor here.

Our quality policy

delivery on

The company has the following certifications:

  • EN 15085-2 CL1 welding certificate.
  • EN 3834-2 welding quality assurance certificate.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
  • EN 287 qualified welders.
  • EN 1418 qualified welding operators.    

Tailored in consultation with Autolink Group, the design of the Multi Purpose Wagon is based on a concept that takes a clever idea one step further. For the outward journey, the freight wagon is loaded with cars. On the return, it carries general cargo. Improved transport economy and less negative environmental impact are the major benefits.

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